h e y   fam bam.

this week was a good one and a sad one. 
we had a good bye meeting/ activity with presidente zanni and fam this past Saturday. we had a meeting where everyone of them in their family spoke and bore their testimonies and answered questions and then we recieved this folder that all the missionaries get that finish the mission ( we basically all died that day hahah even the newbies) and we also got this cool key chain that has the mish logo on it. Then we took a big group photo and our last individual photos with prez and hermana zanni. Then we ate mountains of pizza and watched conozca a los mormones (meet the mormons). I wanted to watch it English though so i could hear people´s accents but whatevs. Then we played a bunch of games and just hung out. After that we got good bye hugs from the Zanni fam (even the hermanas got to hug presidente) and we sang para siempre dios este con vos (god be with you till we meet again) and just kind of cried. It was really good though- I felt like I have closure with them now and am ready to meet Presidente Perez. We also found out in this meeting that we are going to have another hermana pday this coming friday!!!! So I´ll get to see hermana honeeeeeee!!!!! Super stoked!
Also this week I accidentally took 5 ibuprofen that were 2 years expired...oops. It made me a little sicky but I lived. 

Also the new mailing address for letters and packages is this: 
Mission Santa Fe Argentina 
Candido Pujato 3269
C.P. 3000 Santa Fe
Santa Fe, Argentina

We found out the mission home is going to be in Santo Tome a little outside of the city- the area hermana richey is currently in. Also I am not in the district of the office elders and aps hahaha. We do share a ward with them though. 

This week we´ve been getting to know the ward a little better- woo hoo whitewash! hahah! It´s been a little weird because they cut down our area since the other elders are coming so it´s like we go through the area book and we´re like nope can´t teach them, not in our area... lame. Basically all the people that have baptism dates aren´t in our area :( but whatevs we´ll find people! Our area mainly consists of super urban down town santa fe- like the busiest most down town you can go... awesome- with more businesses than houses- but whatevs we´ll find people to teach. The other half of our area is villa- which means we can only go in daylight hours because it´s dangerous. The APs have been helping us a little bit and letting us know who is ours and who isn´t. This ward is awesome though- we have tons of people to help us out and we´ve had lunch everyday this week! WHAT! We even have an hermana that is willing to wash our clothes- what is this life?! OH and you will be VERY pleased to know that there is not ONE SINGLE person in this HUGE ward that plays the piano. So I get to play everyyyyyyyy Sunday. yay. :( hahahahah! 

Church this week was really good though- there were a ton of less actives that were reactivated this Sunday! We didn´t have any investigators at church but for sure we will next week! I was feeling a little sad sunday but in sacrament meeting Axsa ( this little 13 year old girl that has downs- I told you about her fam last week) came up and sat and snuggled up with me. It was literally like the best thing ever and exactly what I needed. 

It´s also been really cold this week! We´ve been dying but that´s okay haha!
Also I had a little bit of mourning time- I bought my self a big thing of ice cream and empanadas and just had a good cry and wrote out my feelings and my favorite memories with grandpa. It helped a lot. The funeral sounded perfect- if you could send the audio it would be really good. This has been a little bit difficult and weird for me but it has also brought me a lot closer to my heavenly father and I have had to rely on Him a lot more than usual, my prayers have been more sincere and I have learned a lot and been much more susceptible to the spirit.

I feel like I´m forgetting stuff but that´s all I can think of to say for now...
Thank you for your emails, and all the photos, and updates. I love you all so much! Take care!!

Hermana Willis 

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