Mission Week 52

H i  family!

Well this week was kind of a crazy one but a good one. 

Firstly I LOVE this ward. This is the first ward I´ve had where we have a really really good ward mission leader (in fact we have 2!) and the bishop is all about working like crazy with the members and we have big goals to get people back to church and it´s really exciting! This week all the office elders showed up from Rosario (because the new offices are here in our church building- I can´t remember if I told you that or not) and so now we have a grand total of 8 pairs of missionaries in our ward now- 8 elders and 1 pair of hermanas (aka us). So everyone is really excited to get to work and make the work move along here! We´ve had a ton of meetings coordinating how we are all going to work together and figuring out our areas and so on. It´s all been really fun and exciting!! Also we have an amazing investigator named M..... who the elders before us started teaching- anywho we finally got in contact with her and she is getting baptized the 18th of this month!!! Her parents are separated but her mom is a less active member and her grandparents are super active and now she wants to join the church! We have been teaching her and her younger brother A...... (14) who is less active as well. She is learning really quickly and we are really trying to help her to gain a firm foundational testimony as well as help her brother remember his testimony.They both came to church this week!! We have planned with the ward that after her baptism we are all going to go out and do visits because the next day is ward conference so we are hoping that will help more people to go. We have an attendance of about 75 and there are about 900 members in this area- fa! So lotttts of work to be done and lots of people to help!!

At the beginning of this week we ran into Presidente Zanni and Hermana Zanni in the offices and got to help put together some stuff in the offices to prepare for the Perezes. It was fun and we got to say an extra little goodbye to them. Then we went by the church again later in the week and Presidente and Hermana Perez were there and we got to meet them!! Hermana Perez is the sweetest and is absolutely adorable. And then we got to go into president´s office and talk to him a little bit- because they don´t have children they are going to be spending a lot more time with us- they want to get to know all of us individually and teach with us and study with us- ugh they´re amazing! I love them already! Yesterday we were going walking home from coordinación misional and we ran into them at the church and they said they´d take us home because it was really cold outside- then Hermana Perez was really worried about where we were living so they came inside our apartment to check it out and saw how horrible it was hahaha (we are like missing doors and stuff) and were appalled by our state of living and I´m pretty sure we´re moving soon hahahah so that´s good! They are just really sweet and I can feel the spirit always when presidente speaks and I know that they´ll be good. 

Also this week- maybe you´ve already heard...Argentina lost la copa americana to Chile- WAHHHHHHH!!! We were able to watch penales from outside a window of a resturante- ughhh it was painful. Messi is still the best though. Stupid futbol.
Also this week was Hermana Rivera´s 24 birthday!! Entonces festejamos aful!! jajaja (capaz demasiado....)  

Well I got gastroenteritis this week. Awesome. I had a fever for two days and  (yup I know you wanted to hear that) and I haven´t been able to eat hardly anything since Saturday-woot.I think I got it from a cake we ate at a member´s house or maybe from the water...Well  I had to go to the sanitorio and get ANOTHER 3 inch shot in my booty (those are LITERALLY the WORST ps) and the nurse thought I was a crazy because I really really realllllly didn´t want to get it. And then I passed out after I got it and then we went to church hahaha! It´s been an adventure and now I have to eat a special diet of like Gatorade and chicken and mashed pumpkin (that´s what the doctor prescribed anyway haha what.)- but I haven´t been really hungry. Whatevs I probably could lose a couple of pounds anyway- I don´t think it´s really anything to worry about-just a bug. All part of the experience. It was just really sad that I didn´t get to eat anything to celebrate the fourth of July hahah!

Okay love you all! Take care!
La Willy

"Gastroenteritis primarily affects children and those in the developing world"-- Wikipedia on Gastroenteritis

 Hermana Willis is in a New Mission now:  
Argentina, Santa Fe

 Compi Love

 Happy Birthday to Hermana Riveria


New Mission President is Pres. Perez

 This is the cake that made Hermana Willis sicky!!

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