Don´t have much time this week but I sent you a ton of fotos so that should compensate (right?). 
This week we had a special pday for the hermanas on Friday- it was kind of our goodbye time with hermana Zanni. We learned about cleaning the penches- that wasn´t super interesting but hey it´s good to review that stuff right. And I saw hermana hone which was the BEST.Well then we played games and we painted our hands the colors of the flag of our countries and put them on a banner for the zanni family. ´MURICA! Still bleeding red, white, and blue. Also the fourth of July is this week and I am still trying to figure out how I am going to celebrate it. Anyways hermana Rivera was really not feeling good- because she got her wisdom teeth out two days before- that was a nasty mess and she was super super drugged after and it was hilarous and she forgot who she was and yeah and anyways we didn´t work alot this past week for that. hhahah! Anywho after the activity we had divisions and I went with Hermana Yi and worked in Costanera my old area!!!! It was sooooo good! I got to go to our FHE and finish doing service for hermana bruna! It was really fun and probs the best divisions I´ve ever been on! Hermana Yi was also trained by Hermana Hickman so that was to work with my mission sis! Also our new mish president is getting here tomorrow!!! AH! He doesn´t have kids (they are all grown I think) and we are all super excited to meet him!! Also I am playing the piano in church and its been rough in this ward... no one can sing on key or in tempo for some reason and it messes me up big time- because I try to listen and play to their singing- well its a straight up mess hahaha they don´t follow the choiristor either and so after she and i just laugh becuase it was so awful haha! I really like this ward- it´s like being in a real ward again and it´s nice!! Things are going good here! I am happy and doing better!!! I love you and sorry for worrying you!! Sorry this is super spaztic(that is not how you spell that- my English get´s worse daily)!



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