h o l a  mi querida familia

it was another good and crazy week. ugh where do i even begin?!

firstly it was the ward temple trip so that was super exciting- no we didn´t get to go but we got to see some of the families we are working with go for the first time! the familia o..... the dad and son got to both go (yair, the son, for the first time) we helped them on family search get some names that they could take to the temple- so that was super cool we saw them at church this Sunday and they brought their names and showed us that the ordinances had been done and ahhh! it was so cool! I can´t wait to be able to do that again someday!! also m....´s grandpa paid for her and her brother to go on the trip too! so m.... ( just so you know milagros literally means miracles ahhhh!) got to go!!! she didn´t get to go inside (obvi) but she absolutely LOVED seeing the temple and thought it was so beautiful and could feel the spirit and is superrrrrrr excited for her baptism this Saturday!!!!! also a member took a list of names for us to put in the temple so that was super special. 
fa- what else happened this week...
oh! we found this family- D.... y E....- E.... is a less active member and D.... is her boyfriend and isn´t a member- D.... really really wants to get baptized and E.... wants to come back to church- her divorce is getting finalized and then they can get married and he can get baptized! yay!! they came to church this Sunday!!!! woot woot! we ended up with 3 investigators at church this week- 

speaking of church this Sunday....
I don´t know why this always happens but I always end up having to do something crazy to get people to church ( whether it´s pick up people while carrying an electric piano or walk down a highway out and then out into villa campo jajajaj) anywho there is this family that is inactive and we had a lesson with them this past week and the dad finally agreed to go to church this Sunday but the only stipulation was that we had to go pick him up, the other thing is they live in villa (aka ghetto land with mud for roads)  and the other thing is that he is in a wheel chair. We tried to get members to help us but in the end I was pushing hermano  r.... more than 14 blocks to the chapel hahaha! But hey he got to church and I got my workout in for the day!
well i continued being sicky this week. i went to see my favorite doctor hno sosa with prez perez and hermana perez because i wasn´t getting better- i wasn´t eating and the pain was still there- it was just bad bad bad. 
Anyways doing better now! After the trials come the blessings!!! Love you all Have the best week!!! WRITE ME!!!
la shakira bomba

(osa hermana willis)

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