H e y  family!!
FELIZ DÍA DEL AMIGO!!!! (it´s friend day in argentina!)
Okay don´t worry so much about my health!! Doing a TOOONNNN better now!!! Thank you for your prayers- I am officially eating normally (not as much as before hahah but that´s probably a good thing)! 
Let´s see what happened this week...

My compi had to go to the doctor again this week to do a study on her heart because she was having pains but it all turned out good and it was only something muscular but it was really funny because she had to go on a work out bike with all these wires attached to her haha poor thing! But all is well!
Also this week we moved apartments! We are now living with the hermanas that we shared the ward with in coastanera until we find something in our area... 34 blocks away from our area in costanera.... UGH. It´s a super nice apartment but we also don´t have electricty over there yet so we are living in the apostasy (a world in darkness without light) hahah! It´s been like that for a week now and we are still waiting for the paper work to go through... soooo basically for the rest of the transfer we are without electricity...awesome. But it´s okay because we only sleep there. Transfers are this coming week so I won´t be writing till next Tuesday! Don´t forget!!!

The baptism of M.... was this week!!!! AHHH!!!!!! She passed her interview with flying colors and was just sooooo excited!!!! We have an AWESOME ward mission leader who helped us get everything planned and all put together (that´s a first! it was soooo nice and wayyyy less stressful!!). Always the day of a babtism there is always something that goes wrong... well this time we forgot the baptismal clothes in the apartment on wayyyyy on the other side of the city in the coastanera! AHHHH! So we had to take a taxi there and back and M.... was lost walking somewhere for a little bit and then her grandpa had the flu and almost couldn´t do the ordinance and asjdflkjsdfkj... anyways- it all turned out really good in the end and came together hahaha! We had a great turn out- lots of the members came to support her and M.......´s mom (who is less active) even came and then came to ward conf the next day with her non member boyfriend!!! The next day we had an amazing ward conference- and M..... was confirmed a member by her grandpa. That part is always my favorite. I love hearing of the promises and blessings that the Lord has in store for his children- it´s absolutely beautiful. It was said in her blessing that she would soon serve a full time mission and that she would marry in the temple and be a mother in Zion. I had to play the piano for the sacrament hymn after that and it was a disaster because i was teary eyed and couldn´t see the music hahah! I am seriously grateful for the opportunity to have helped M....... and that I now have another little sister. Later we went and ate at her grandparents house with all their family and all the other missionaries in our ward. OH hahah also we found a place that does photos on stuff and gifted her a mug with our photos hahahah!!!

Despite having many trials, my companion and I are seeing A TON of miracles!! It just takes a little bit of patience, enduring and lots of faith and trust in the savior and the miracles will and do come!! D&C 121:7-8!!!!!

Today we went and visited the stadium of COLON!!! My team/mi vida here in Santa Fe. It was the best! Also we have pday especial with the zone today and later presidente and hermana perez are going to go with us to 2 lessons that we have tonight. I feel really comfortable with them jajaj maybe too comfortable... they feel like members to me hahaha! 

THANKS so much mom for sending me all the pics of Mackenzie´s wedding ahhhhhhhhhh! I might of had a little bit of a freak out when I saw that!!!! She looks so beautiful in her photos!!!! AHHHH shout out to Mr. and Mrs. Pearce!!!!!! Love you guys and I´m super excited to see you in the distant future!! Also my trainer Hermana Hickman is getting married the 22 of August! WHAT THE HECK! Thank you all for waiting for me to get home hahaha kidding! CONGRATS!!!

Okay fam- that´s all I have time for now!!! I love you so much!! Big congrats to ELDER WILLIS!!! You´re going to love it. ALEX BARRY TALK TO THE MISSIONARIES ALREADY!!!! hahahaha!!! Take care and talk to you soon!!!

con mucho cariño y besitos

h. willy

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