h e y  family!!

so probably about the highlight of my week was seeing vancer´s- oops i mean elder willis´s- weekly email and photos!!! ahhh!!! the nacho libre cart was defs my favorite. sorry that you have to do two blogs now mom hahah! que cosas!

this week was good. pretty calm. we had the opportunity last Monday to go to visits with hermana and presidente perez. oh man. it was the best! well firstly all of the appointments we had planned fell through (awesome) so we decided to go visit familia o.... but we forgot it was the birthday of a....
 ( the little girl that has downs aka my bestie) so the house was full of people but hermano o.... had the chance to talk with presidente which was so good because he always wanted to serve a mish so they clicked instantly! and hermana perez is sooooo sweet that hermana o.... (who isn´t a member) fell in love with her too! and now they want us to bring them back to their house and do a family home evening with them woo! so we´re working that all out! then we went to visit another family that is less active, familia e....- they are pretty set in their ways and not willing to put god first right now and make the sacrifices needed to fulfill the covenants they have made (is that how you say it? don´t judge my bad english) pretty much really sad- but we had an amazing lesson with them and the Perezes. As presidente taught hermana rivera and I could feel the spirit so strongly. I think in that moment more than ever it was confirmed to me that he is our mission president called of God to direct the work here in this part of the vineyard. Just awesome!

The rest of this week was pretty much normal...
we got electricity in our apartment! That was exciting. Two families we have been working with both have goals to go to the temple in August. M....´s mom is becoming active again. The ward here is still awesome, we work with the members a ton and it´s amazing the difference it makes when the missionaries and the members work together. I am seeing it now more than ever. 

On Sunday we went with familia D.... and some elders in the ward to go to the house of familia B.... to go cast out an evil spirit- yeah who ya gonna call...when I heard about them seeing evil spirits and that there was a witch next door doing magic i immediately thought they were all crazy and that it was just a bunch of junk but my comp took it really seriously and after we talked with the bishop we all went together to their house and dedicated it. there was a better feeling in the home after and we went to lunch there the other day and there is much more peace and less contention so ghost or no ghost there is at least a happier family. after we ghost busted we went and visited 2 other families with them one of them being their son that was less active. We (the elders) also dedicated their home and we found out that the lady that the son is with wants to get baptized! Any other person for us to teach- they just have to get married but they want to so it won´t be such a struggle. 

well transfers were yesterday- we found out on Saturday that both hermana rivera and i are going to train! hermana rivera is going to concordia! ahhhh! like 5 hours away in a zone of all elders! and i am going to be staying here in rural. it has been really hard for us to come to grips with the reality that we have to separate. we´ve just been through A LOT together. it´s the worst thing every time to change companions but i know that heavenly father has a plan for us and that it´s time for us to change and grow in different ways. I´m not so sure I´m ready to train though...Anywho we meet our newbies on Wednesday! I don´t know anything about my new companion so this should be exciting! Hahaha! Mostly I´m just happy that I get to stay in Rural. Still apartment looking though haha! 
 love you all and miss you all so much!! Have a great week! Pray that Vance doesn´t get bored of rice and beans...he´s going to have to eat it for the next 5 weeks hahahaha! What I wouldn´t give for some real Mexican food. TAKE CARE!!



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