H e y  family! 

Sorry I don´t have much time this week so this is going to be a short one! So I am training like I said! On Wednesday we went to pick up our newbies and I had heard there were all latinas- and I was like okay that´s okay no speaking English I guess I´ll live. So all the hermanas get called up one by one and I´m the last one and I see my comp and she is this cute tiny thing (refer to the picture of me hugging her- I look like a giant) anyways her name is Hermana Sobalvarro. So then we go to sit down together and I´m like de donde es usted hermana? and she´s like I´m from Texas in straight english. AHHHH!!!!!! I´m so lucky that I get to train someone from the USA that already speaks perfect english! It´s like a dream come true! Anyways despite being small and sweet looking she is sassy and dry and absolutely hilarious! She LOVES dogs though hahahah luckily Argentina has almost more dogs than people. 

Anyways this week has been one of miracles- we went by this reference the other night and ended up teaching the whole family and they all agreed to read and pray about the book of mormon!! we left their house feeling like we had been friends forever! Also soooo many people came to church this week it was amazing! this week I learned a lot about the atonement and about faith and endurance and love. I am so thankful for the gospel and the hope that it brings to our lives!! Moroni 9:25 and Colossinas 1:23! 

We are going to see amazing things happen this transfer I just know it! I love the ward here more and more with every week! In other news still apartment searching... traveling to and from our area is a pain but what can you do. I love you all so much!! Sorry I didn´t have much time! Take care and talk to you soon!

h willy

"you were never created to live depressed, defeated, guilty, condemned, ashamed or unworthy... you were created to be VICTORIOUS"

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