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How are you all doing? Sound like you all had crazy busy weeks! That´s so weird that Sheri is married! Did she end up marrying that guy that served his mish in Argentina? Any idea what part? Hahahah I love that dad thinks I´m so frumpy looking and doesn´t approve of my combat boots! I died when I read that! I guess I´ll go buy some nice clothes and try to look more presentable hahah! (but really I could do that...) 

This week has been a really good one, really busy, but really good! 

Basically we are trying hard to find a new apartment. Living so far away from our area is the worst! We lose a ton of time with the commute and since we have the training schedule we are already tight on time with the extra hour we have to study. I feel like we are just running all over the place all the time and are always in a hurry. I´ve been soooo tired lately hahaha but it´s been so fun! I love being with Hermana Sobalvarro! She is just so chill and easy to get along with and I don´t have to worry about her- which is soooo nice and just a good much needed change for me!   And she´s just the cutest (maybe that´s why I look so frumpy looking now hahah)! 
Good things that happened this week-

- we got a GOLDEN reference this week from the young men´s president- apparently there is this guy that goes to this other ward, he´s been attending for like 2 months now and he went on the temple trip and everything and is reading the book of Mormon and his mom is a member but he´s not still. The mom would tell the missionaries about him in their ward but they never got around to meeting with him. Well I guess he actually lives in our ward boundaries so we called him and set up an appointment and he´s really exciting to meet us!! We basically just have to pop the question hahah! SOOO exciting! 

- also we taught an investigator this week that we hadn´t been able to get to and Hermana Sobalvarro invited her to be baptized and she said YES! (woot woot! go hermana sobalvarro!! already inviting people to be baptized and she only has 11 days in the mish!) She still has to get married but they came to church this week and are doing soo well!! 

- there were a ton of other things but we don´t have time!! Sorry!!!
I love you thank you for your love and support!! Talk to you next week! 

h. willy

p.s. vance´s pics are my fav and the only reason he doesn´t look frumpy yet is because his still in the mtc hahahah!!!
p.s.s.  write hermana sobalvarro at ksobalvarro@myldsmail.net- she needs some of our family lovin´
p.s.s.s. send me money because I´m going to buy something nice to wear to the conference (hahaha joking dad you don´t have to)


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