H e y  fam!!

So guess what?! Yesterday I hit 13 months! WHAT?? Is that crazy?! No way have I been on the mish for that long! Ugh so weird. 

Well this week was a weird one hahah and we got like nothing done if felt like but I guess there will always be weeks like that and I´m trying not to feel so down about it. 

Firstly we had a TON of choir practices this week hahah ( my comp and I sang in a special choir for the conference with Elder Viñas) which kind of killed us time wise... BUT the song turned out soooooo pretty. It was a very special experience to be apart of it. We sang a medley of I Feel My Savior´s Love (from the 2012 women´s conference)- but we changed it up and sang the first half in spanish and the second half in english. It was difficult to learn but was beautiful in the end and brought the spirit so strongly to the meeting. 
Our conference with Elder Viñas was amazing. We got to hear from President and Hermana Perez and also Hermana Viñas and then Elder Viñas as the concluding speaker. He spoke on the atonement of Christ and wanted to know how it had helped us as missionaries or to become better missionaries- such a good conference! I felt the spirit so strongly and learned a lot. Also we had the conference with the La Paz zone so I got to see Hermana HONE which was the best!! We didn´t get a lot of time to talk but just seeing her again was sooooo good! Also as you may have noticed from the photos I bought a new blouse and tried to look a little more put together- I don´t know if I achieved the desired effect hahaha but hey at least I tried right?!

So it´s been pretty nasty weather all this week. It´s been freezing and pouring rain for the past couple of days now. It got so bad that hermana sobalvarro had to cave in and buy rain boots hahah! There are some parts of our area that when it rains the whole street floods and its just a river and then there is this part of our area that is poorer where there aren´t paved roads just dirt roads and it turns into a muddy mess in the rain. The day before we bought her boots though it got to the point that is was so bad that night that I had to carry her on my back across some of the streets that turned into rivers hahahah good thing she´s so small hahah :) Anywho from all this nasty weather I developed a pretty nasty cold... go figure sick again right? So if that wasn´t enough I noticed that my head had been pretty itchy and that I had some weird bites on my neck and behind my ears and didn´t think that much of it until I found a little bug on my shirt as I was changing... yup I had piojos again (remember that word? hahah aka lice.) so after sending all of my belongings to the dry cleaners and 2 extensive treatments and cleaning I finally seem to be lice free. hahah! my life though. we are pretty sure I got it from my little friend axia (the little downs girl in our ward) well basically all children have lice here and i love kids and they are just so sweet and huggable but secretly covered in little parasitic bugs. life is so sad. anywho i am now much more motivated to just keep my distance now. hahah! man. I am so problem prone it´s ridiculous. 

We also went and looked at a couple more apartments this week- we´ve got to get moved it is the hugest pain to live so far from our area (that´s also how we lose a ton of time). Well everything in our area is either nice and really expensive or gross and decently priced- still looking for the happy medium somewhere in there. 

Also this week we helped with a family history booth that the hermanas of costanera put together for this big fair of different countries. It was soooo cool to see the different stands from countries all over the world! US wasn´t one of them but there was one for Italy and I got to see some folk dancing and food from all the different countries! We also got to talk with people about family history! We weren´t allowed to preach or talk about the church or any of that stuff but you would be surprised how many people wanted to come learn where their family was from and get to know their history. It wasw really really cool and different members from the stake came to help too and the stand turned out amazing! We had cards with information that people could go check out the family history center at the church we had a place for them to put their names and info so that we could come to their homes and help them get it set up (and then teach them heheheh see what we did there) and also we had a computer where we could demonstrate and show them the program and there was a tv playing videos from the church on family history and a micro film machine there for people to see. It was sooo much fun! I brought my booklet of My Family that was all filled out and people loved seeing it as an example so about a hundred argentines know what our family looks like now hahah! Really cool experience. 

M.... came to church again with her boyfriend (who is less active)!! WOOT! We got to teach J....!! The golden reference! He is so excited to start learning from us! We only had like 20 minutes to teach him but it went really well. When we met him my comp asked him if he wanted to baptized and he said yeah but he didn´t want to be pressured into it or just do it for his mom. I asked if I´d ever had prayed about it and the question confused him. Later on as we were teaching him he was like- I get it now! I get why you asked that question! I have to pray about this to see if it´s for me!- hahah it was like a King Lamoni and Ammon experience- like YES EXACTLY! He was so excited that he came to that conclusion and that it finally clicked and made sense he said he would ask God. Such a good lesson! He is just one of those people that are really prepared and looking for the truth and direction in his life. OH also M.... (our little convert) is still going strong and is now going to seminary!! She told us that she loves going to church and being with people her age that she can talk about the gospel with! 

We have soooo much to do here and this week has just been crazy and so difficult to get out to see anyone :( but whatever. There´s always this week.
OKAY I have to go! But I love you all so much! Thanks for your letters and updates! I love hearing about all the little details of your lives! I absolutely LOVED mom´s story about the little girl in her primary class. Soooo cute! Can we just talk? I died! And thanks Lauren for writing me!!



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