August 24, 2015

H E Y  FAM! 
Wow! Okay well a ton of stuff happened this week! 
Firstly we finally MOVED TO OUR AREA! It was like the biggest deal. After we had been looking and looking for apartments and all of them basically getting shot down- we get a call from the offices saying they have an apartment from us and that we had to pack because we would be moving the next day!! Our apartment is in downtown only 4 blocks away from the church building!! Super conviente and it´s close to everything we need!  And it´s SUPER nice! We live on the 5th floor and have a balcony and air conditioning and two bathrooms and two bedrooms- the only catch is that we house the hermanas that come to Santa Fe to do visa stuff and the newbies and the hermanas that are leaving but hey- worth it!! 
Well the second night we are there we start hearing all these weird noises in the night and we woke up in the middle of the night to the noise of one of our doors opening and slamming shut by itself.... :/ like great the elders tricked us and gave us a haunted apartment! We didn´t sleep like at all and asked our district leader to come bless our apartment the next morning. After that everything has been normal hahaha but we are pretty sure we figured out what all the noises were and I don´t think there was ever anything but whatevs our house is blessed and officially dedicated. Hahah
Oh funny story! There was a day this week where we ate two lunches one right after the other hahah! We went to visit this less active family around 11 and after we finish the lesson she says okay now the food´s ready and we can eat! So we ate chicken and potatoes and salad and desert with her and then we jumped in a cab and hurried to our lunch appointment with an elderly hermana in the ward who made pasta and salad and meat but thankfully no desert! Both of the hermanas were like wow you guys don´t eat a lot and we were like ummmmmm we ate a big breakfast? hahahah! We were SOOOO full by the end of it that we were dying! Luckily no one tried to give us dinner that day too hahah! 
We had divisions this week- i still hate divisions with every ounce of my very being but it was good and I learned alot. Basically hermana sobalvarro and i have stopped speaking English and have gone straight spanish- I didn´t want to do it (because I LOVE ENGLISH!!!!!) but I got the confirmation that I needed to give it up. We have to give up everything for this work and if that means something silly like English too then so be it! (so yeah Vance I feel your pain- English was like my guilty pleasure) My companion and I are focusing on being more obedient and as a result we are seeing TONS of miracles! We met with J.... this week and taught him the Restoration and he accepted a bautism date!! We gave him 2 Nefi 31 and he read it and absolutely loved it and was marking verses and everything! He is so excited and ready and just wants to learn everything! Also this week we went to city hall and got marriage papers for our investigator M....! hahha! we go to their house for the lesson and we are like okay we brought the papers all you have to do is sign your names and in 30 days you can get married hahaha! They thought it was so funny! They still aren´t completely convinced to do it and M.... is still waiting for more of a confirmation but she also has a baptismal date! OH also C....- this reference that we received forever ago- well after trying to contact her a million times we finally just decided to drop by her house on morning and she was there with her friend and she was soooooo excited to meet us and we were able to teach them a little (they only had like ten minutes) but it was such a good lesson!! I think my testimony has grown so much this week in that there are people out there that are chosen and ready to listen to and accept the gospel! We just have to find them! But in order to find them we have to share the gospel with everyone and invite everyone to come to Christ. Yeah we´re going to meet a ton of people who aren´t going to accept the invitation and we´re going to get rejected a million times but it´s all part of finding those that are prepared and ready! 
This Sunday we got to teach in the primary! It was sooooooo fun! (and way better than relief society hahaha sorry it just get´s boring....) I love being around kids (even though the majority are lice infested)- they just have a light and a purity and a simplicity about them that is so refreshing. And they are loving and accepting. Mom you are so lucky to have a calling in the primary! The primary President here is my favorite- Hermana Levrino- she does so much to make learning the gospel principles something fun, real and relatable for these kids! Also this Sunday we had a surprise visit from all the stake presidents in our mission so like seven of them and the area 70 and presidente and hermana perez- which was super cool other than that i had to play the piano in the meeting-ah! I don´t think I´ve ever been so nervous! hahah! I felt like i was playing for general conference or something! I totally butchered the last hymn ( not my fault it was fast and I´d never played it before!) but whatevs hahah! It was a cool meeting and we got to hear the testimonies of all of them.  After the meeting I was playing postlude and on of the little girls of the stake presidents just came up and was just staring at me playing and i was like hi and she just keeps staring and finally after like a good five minutes her mom comes up and was like did you say hi to the missionary hahah and then she asks her daughter if she wanted to be a missionary like me some day and she said yes haaha it was soooo cute! I feel like a super hero sometimes. Also my companion tells me a lot of the time that people that we contact only let us come back to their houses because i´m a blond American and that also people stare at me like they´ve never seen a white person before hahaha I´ve never noticed but she says she has to stare people down all the time for me hahah! weird. 
Also I ate real BBQ sauce for the first time in a year this past week with some members and I cried a little. Hahah don´t judge me. 
Also I almost got hit by a car this week- but that´s nothing really new. 
Mom just want you to know that basically you are my hero and that you are a babe!! You are in such good shape! You´re going to have to help me when I get home... hahahah! 
Anywho... that was basically the week! I love you and miss you all so much! #fivemoremonths #imnottrunky

Matthew 16:24-25-
Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross , and follow me. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it. 
Mosiah 2:34-

but what knoweth that ye are eternally indebted to your heavenly Father, to render to him all that you have and are

We have real milkshakes!!

Us and Kimby with our Minions!  (Minions are such a huge thing here)

New Apartment

view from new apartment

We have an elevator in our new building!

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