August 31, 2015


Sorry don´t have a ton of time!! This week was good! My comp and I
were both sick with a pretty bad cold but that´s nothing new for me!
It´s been SUPER hot here the past couple of days... looks like spring
is coming early! It has been the BIGGEST blessing to have air
conditioning in our apartment! 

Also this week we had stake conference
which was a special broadcast and guess who the stake asked to play
the piano? ME. WHAT THE HECK! Since when do I get chosen to be the
pianist for things! I was nervous again because the whole entire stake
was there but they let me pick the songs this time so everything went
smoothly! Also at the stake conference I got to see people from
Costanera and it was soooo good! I feel so at home in this stake! I
know a lot of people and it´s just fun! I don´t want to get
transferred!!! We find out about transfers this Saturday so wish me
luck but Hermana Sobalvarro and I are pretty optimistic that we are
staying (fingers crossed)! 

Also Flavia accepted a baptism date!!
Woot!! We are teaching her three times a week and she has been praying
and reading in the BOM and is so hungry to learn more- she´s awesome
and it strengthens my testimony that there are really people out there
prepared and looking for the truth (i think i talked about that last
week but whatever!) Finding lots of good people thanks to all the
references we´ve been getting! Seriously the best way to find people
are references from the members!!  

We had a really fun pday especial
today! We did asado and played outside- it was ridiculously hot but
fun! Also we are going to a school this week and doing a presentation
in an English class! So that should be super fun! We are also going to
have a dessert night with a less active family and we are going to
show the family how to make American dessert like rice crispies and
brownies hahahah! But yeah things have been good! Sorry this is super
short and uneventful! I love you all and thanks for the letters and
the photos!! I specially loved mom´s letter this week!! Thanks for
sharing the sweet experiences that you always have in your primary
class and dad´s awesome experiences following the spirit to help make
sacrament meeting something more spiritual and meaningful for the
ward- you are both such incredible parents and servants of the Lord!
Thank you for your examples!!
Take care and good luck starting school kids!!!


new apartment building

typical villas

areas where we work

us and hermana dosantos!

pollo and hermano romero

helping leonela make minions for the primary activity

this is what mate looks like.... we cant drink it but here it is hahah

cleaning the church

pollo asado lo mejor!!! this is where we buy lunch a lot of the
time....i thought dad would like to see this hahah pretty cool huh!
best chicken ever!

it was the primary´s birthday! haha with leonela the clown

aire condicionado!!!! the best!!!!

pday especial asado!

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