September 8, 2015


How´s it going?? I loved the back to school pics! AND MATT WROTE ME?! WHATTTTTTT! Thanks Mateo! SO it was so good to here that Vance is in el campo misional!! I am still convinced that serving a mission in the US is a joke (because you all are so ridiculously spoiled!! your agendas are on your ipads- like what?!) but whatevs hahah! 

This week was a little weird for me- just because I was on Benadryl for the majority of the week- so I was a loopy mess hahah! Soooo Tuesday I guess I ate something that caused me a serious allergic reaction (since when do I have allergies to anything...let alone food!) it was so weird. We ate lunch in the apartment that day and after we were getting ready to go to district meeting when I went to the bathroom and I was sick but then randomly I starting getting really really hot and itchy all over and I look down and I am covered in bumps and my skin is bright red and I just couldn´t stop itching! My eyes and ears and mouth and nose were swollen and it was an icky mess. After a couple of hours I wasn´t so itchy anymore and the bumps started going away but it was just the weirdest thing to ever happen to me! The nurse had me send some pics to the area doctor who said it was a food allergy but we have no idea what to because I didn´t eat anything unusual. Anyways for that I had to go on Benadryl for a couple of days and that was the worst because it made me sooooo sleepy and the first time I took it I couldn´t stop laughing and I walked like a drunk. UGH! Why do have so many issues! We were talking about first names the other day with a group of missionaries and one of the Elders was like hermana willis I only know your name because you have to get so many blessings.... :/ 
Anywho besides the health updates... Hermana Sobalvarro and I are staying another transfer together here in Rural!!! I am soooo happy!!! I can´t imagine leaving! It was really funny reading Vance´s email and how they have 7 investigatores progressing but no one wants baptism dates we are like in the opposite- we have lots with baptism dates but they aren´t progressing because they aren´t coming to church! It´s frustrating hahah and sometimes it´s difficult to be patient but I have faith!! One of our investigatores for example we taught him like three times this week and had really powerful awesome lessons and he promised us he would come to church for sure this week but nothing! ughajsdkfjlskj!  Hahah my comp the other day when we were talking about it was just like I´m ready to just drop everyone and start looking for people that will actually do something! -so we are praying for them so we don´t have to end up doing that. 

Also we had a great fhe with a less active family in our ward- we made desserts from the US for them and we played word of wisdom bingo hahahe!

In other news we got a blender this week that was probably my highlight of the week!- we´ve made frappes and smoothies and banana milk and it has just been divine!! 

Anyways that was basically our week! Keep up the good work running mom!!! LOVE YOU!!!

Hermana Willis

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