September 14, 2015

H e l l o  family!!

How´s it going? I feel like every time I get to the computer everything that happened during the week evaporates from my brain and I have to ask my companion what did we even do this week?- it´s all just kind of blurring together now.

But no this week was good! The highlights were that Hermana Sobalvarro and I celebrated 9/11 together (that sounds sick and twisted that we "celebrated" but really we just wore red, white, and blue, and sang the national anthem and the pledge and Hermana Sobalvarro taught me the pledge of Texas that apparently you say after the pledge every day in schools in Texas- learn something new everyday! "Honor the Texas flag: I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas, one state under God, one and indivisible"- yup I´m slowly becoming Texan). 

Also we got to participate in the church´s world wide day of service with our stake! I think that was probably the best part of the week- we got to wear jeans and tee shirts and it was a beautiful sunny day. We went to a center for people with disabilities and cleaned and painted and gardened and just got really really messy. I miss doing service- no one every let´s us help them (it doesn´t help that we are hermanas- no one every lets us lift a finger) so yeah I really enjoyed it. 

This week wasn´t one of our most productive weeks... (geez not as productive as Vance teaching the whole world and their dogs with members this week... 18 lessons with member?! what is this?! district one!? the USA is so unreal. that is what you get for serving in Utah.hahaha) we were housing hermanas for the new transfer and running errands and paying apartment bills for the office elders and so our working time got cut way down. :( Oh and it didn´t help that Sunday was the Clásico here in Santa Fe ( meaning that the two main teams, Colon and Union, played each other- I am a loyal Colon fan just fyi- so you all are too) anywho so we couldn´t go out and work at all Sunday because we live right in between the two stadiums (just like I was last year but in Rosario). I guess the game tied and so they play each other again in a couple of months. 

Anyways doing good! Generally healthier this week! Sorry this wasn´t more exciting- we are focusing on contacting all of the references that we are receiving from the family history stand and all of our investigators with baptismal dates were unreachable this week/ on vacation/ just didn´t want to answer when we called, texts, or passed by their homes- so that was just awesome but you know. Being positive! On the bright side of things an hermana that is a recent convert just had her baby finally this week and we are going to go see them today or tomorrow!! Yay! Everyone and their dog is pregnant here. Hahah. I guess another big thing this week is that an hermana that said she was never coming back to church again a few months ago is now reactivated!! So that was special! OH and a family that was also less active is now active and almost going to all the hours of church and is planning to go to the temple this month!!

Okay love you all so much! Thank you for your love and support and emails! That´s so cool about closing the diner earlier on Sundays!! Little by little!-and some day you won´t have to open Sundays at all! That will be so good! Bueno! Hablamos el próximo lunes!! Muchos besitos! Les quiero!

H. Willy

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Stephanie Laurie said...

Taylor, I love reading about your adventures! I hope everything continues to go well for you on your mission! ♥♥