Sept 21,2015

Hi family! Hope you are all doing well and enjoying life!
This week was a good one. We had divisions this week with our new
sister training leader Hermana Randall- who is like my favorite.
Usually I absolutely hate divisions- if we´re being honest here- but I
enjoyed and learned alot in the time I got to spend with her! She went
with my comp in our area and I went to their area with her companion.
We were doing personal study in the morning and I found this talk on
her desk and started to read it and adored it! It answered a lot of my
prayers and I´ll send you the link to read it because it´s amazing and
I thought I would share it with you mom. It´s called ´One Thing
Needful: Becoming Woman of Greater Faith in Christ´- (read it!!!) it´s
sooooooo good! I told Hermana Randall about it and she said her
grandma had felt impressed to send it to her- well thankfully her
grandma followed that impression because it made my whole week! Also
we had a good talk about things and I just kind of got to unload on
her- it´s just nice sometimes to have someone listen.

(Hahah mom I think you were right- I was sent here to go through trials 
and things I´ve feared to overcome and conquer them. Sometimes it just 
seems like one thing after another but I know that everything is to help me
and make me into the person that Heavenly Father wants me to be.
We are, well I guess I am, super frustrated with our area right now.
Just nothing is happening! Everyone that was progressing is no longer
progressing and our less actives didn´t go to church and everything
just seems to have flat-lined. And it´s so hard because we are being
the most obedient we´ve ever been, my prayers have never been more
sincere, and we´ve been just all around better about everything and
we´ve just had no results. So frustrating!! (Vancer: it´s like that
part on the district with Elder Murray and Elder Tuituu hahah but for
real.) I feel like we should focus more on finding this week and try
to get members more involved- we are going to change somethings and
see if it works better.

OKAY now for the good news this week!! I sound like such a downer
sorry- despite the yucky stuff we´ve seen TONS of miracles this week!
Firstly, maybe this is a small thing but my health has improved!! I´ve
been praying to feel better and be more careful about what I´ve been
eating and doing and I´ve gotten a lot better! I´ve stopped buying
snacks during the day and only drink soda if I´m given it at a members
house.  Also I´ve been drinking a TON of water and we´ve been walking 
a lot more instead of taking buses.

Other miracle of the week- we took this taxi because we were far and
running late to our ward missionary coordination meeting (I think
that´s what it´s called in English...) And the taxi driver starts
talking to us and is like hey the missionaries used to visit my
daughters a long time ago but they stopped coming- and we were like
woah what okay when can we come visit and so we set up a time to go
by. When we went by only the son was there and he said to come back
another day. So we went by the day they said but no one was home so we
were feeling a little bumbed out and started to walk away when a
little girl ran up to us and said hi and we found out she was one of
the little girls the hermanas used to visit. We set up an appointment
to go visit her and the rest of the family and we asked her if she
still had a Book of Mormon. She that yes and that she reads it every
night. WHAT!! This is a ten year old little girl! And when we asked if
the rest of her family reads she said that no but that she reads it to
them sometimes. (!!!) How can you not say that this little girl isn´t
prepared and that Heavenly Father didn´t lead us to find her! Needless
to say we are stoked to go back and teach her and the fam!
I think my testimony grew this week in the influence that children
have on the famliy. Well we have the righteous example of this little
girl who without anyone asking her or expecting her to do it she reads
the Book of Mormon everyday (not even a member!!). Then we were eating
with a family this week and we asked them I think the same question if
they were reading as a family and the also 10 year old daughter said-
´well they aren´t but I read every day´ hahah it was so funny- I don´t
really think she meant to throw her parents under the bus but it was
just incredible to me the testimonies that these young children have
and that they were doing what they knew was right. Every member of the
family is important-we all contribute to the temporal happiness and to
eternal destination of our family.
Speaking of that- I was asked to give the lesson in Gospel Principles
this week on the topic of Responsibilities of the Family. I´ve been
avoiding having to teach the class like the plague (because can you
say judgement zone- you´ve got 6 missionaries judging your teaching-
uh no thanks) and then there are always like a gazillion people in our
class so I really really didn´t want to do it. So when I got the call
at 10:29 (one minute before bedtime) at night to give the class the
next day- I wasn´t altogether thrilled. Anyways on that note and
feeling super stressed, I throw open the manual to look at the class
and start reading over the material, my comp sees me and is like-
aren´t you going to say a prayer before you start? That was something
really humbling for me. I was really embarrassed that I was so
stressed and annoyed, that I didn´t think to go to the Lord first to
help me. So after my prayer I felt sooooo much better about everything
and prayed that I would be able to present the material in the way he
wanted and that I would receive inspiration. Well as I prepared ideas
came into my mind and when I finished I didn´t feel nervous at all- I
was actually excited to give the class. Sunday, the class went so well
it was like a dream! It was definitely different and not in the way
that had been done before but everyone participated and seemed to have
learned something. I said many thankful prayers and instead of feeling
judged many people came up after the class and told me how much they
enjoyed it. Lesson learned! Always go to the Lord first when you are
asked to do something you aren´t excited to do- he will help you and
it will turn out better than you could have ever imagined doing on
your own. Also have a good attitude ( haha aye)!

OH also our other miracle of the week was teaching C....!! OH MAN!
She´s that golden reference we got forever ago but works all the time
so we weren´t ever able to teach her. Well we had a lesson with her
this week and it was soooo good! She is so prepared it is
ridiculous!!! She was telling us how she used to be catholic and
always just felt empty. She prays all the time and very sincerely and
she feels like God answers her prayers. She´s looking for the truth
and had an aunt that was a jehovah´s witness and she thought that
maybe that church had the truth but when her aunt told her that she
couldn´t get married and have a family she just felt like that was so
wrong and that God wants us to have families (like I said soooo
prepared!!). So we taught her about the importance of families and our
purpose on the earth and about the restoration and she was just like
it all makes sense! She didn´t accept a baptismal date yet because she
wants an answer from God first but said that she feels so much peace
and happiness when we are there with her! The only bummer is that she
works out of town every weekend and is on contract til November
working there so no church :( but we´re praying for a miracle with
her!! I felt so strongly during the lesson that she´s going to be a
member someday and that she was one of the reasons I am in this area

Hey, well I love you guys! Thanks for the pictures and all the
TO MISSION SANTA FE! I hope we get to be in the field together!!
Good luck Mom running your marathon! You´re going to kill it! I´m
so happy to hear that you are all doing so well! Good luck on your
presentation Dad I´m sure it will be incredible!! Mateo and Lauren
I love you so much!!  I am so happy to hear about the diner closing
early Sundays and I have no doubt that things will only get better!
Take care!!!
Hermana Willis

"So often fail to consider the glorious possibilities within our own
souls. We need to remember that divine promise, ´the kingdom of god is
within you´ (Luke17:21)"-- Patricia T. Holland

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