September 28, 2015


Sorry this week´s email is going to be a little weak. This week was equally if not more frustrating than last week. NOTHING IS HAPPENING! Well we dropped quite a few investigators and are looking for basically a whole new teaching pool. We walked A TON this week. One day we walked easily over 100 blocks and we´ve just been dead. So I am really looking forward to Conference weekend and just to be spiritually revived. 

In other news we found a roach in our apartment the size of a mouse. After a lot of screaming I finally got up the nerve to kill it with one of my shoes. After we killed it we were both too afraid to ever go in that bathroom again so we shut the door and haven´t gone in there since... luckily we have 2 bathrooms..

My miracle for this week actually happened today. Yesterday after we had a lesson on fasting in Relief Society I felt like I should fast that day for help in the area and finding people and other stuff. So I was fasting today still as we were walking to the store to buy food for the week. Well this lady that is crossing the street just starts talking with us and asking us about what we do and anyway she was going to the store too but it was closed thanks to this random holiday that is like labor day where no workers work for the whole day. So she's like that´s okay I know where this other place is that you can buy food. Well we get talking with this lady and she´s super interested in learning about our religion and she´s this really interesting artist who has taught art for the past 30 years and is MARRIED (YES SOMEONE IN ARGENTINA IS MARRIED) and after we went shopping together and she introduced us to about every person in the neighborhood she invited us in to look at her art pieces (which were incredible ps)- anyways she´s just the coolest and she reminds me a lot of myself- super friendly, majorly scattered brained, etc. And she gave us her number and invited to come over again so she could learn more about what we believed! It may have been something small but for me it was a really big deal after another uneventful week!! MILAGROS!!! 

Okay sorry this was super short! Enjoy conference (I know I will!!!! It´s like missionary Christmas!!!! Presents of spiritual knowledge and guidance!!) I have lots of questions that I´m hoping will be answered and our Bishop invited the ward to read Mosiah 1-7 before conference so my comp and I are doing that and it´s just exciting!! Invite you all to do the same! Love you so much!! Thanks for your emails!! TAKE CARE! And very very happy birthdays to mom and vancer!!! FELIZ CUMPLE!!! 

Love ya!

Hermana Willis

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