October 5, 2015

accomplishment and your time was awesome!! That´s so cute that dad
road it with you!! You guys look and sound so young!! I hope you had a
good birthday Mom!!

OKay where do I even start with this week?! SO MUCH HAPPENED!!!! It
was such a good week!!!

So remember the fasting miracle finding S.....?! Well we went to her
house on Wednesday and taught her and her daughter, E...... who is 19,
the Restoration. And they LOVED it! They said that it just made a lot
of sense and loved what we taught and specially the Book of Mormon!
Then as we were telling them about prophets and how we have them today
and listen to them twice a year in conf they were like woah that would
be cool to go see and we were like well it so happens that conference
is this weekend!! They were so excited and suzy was like it´s perfect
timing!!She was like I knew you found me all for some reason!! LIKE
WHAT!! SO prepared!! And they accepted the invite to read and pray! So
we go back Friday and they read but didn´t pray but that was okay- we
taught them the Plan of Salvacion and they loved it and just made
sense to them- Eugenia came in late so her mom explained all of it to
her perfectly!! THEN Sunday came and they texted us telling us which
session they were going to and then if by a miracle THEY ACTUALLY
CAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ALMOST DIED. I DON´T THINK I
and were able to meet some members and it was a little awkward because
some of the old ladies in the ward kept talking to them about filling
the font up already and stuff... hahah but it was so good!!! They
texted us later that night thanking us for inviting them and said that
they know that everything that was said that night was true (like
WHAT?!)!!! It was awesome though because it was the sesh that Elder
Christofferson talked about why we need a church which was so perfect
for Suzy!! Oh man!!! So we have an appointment with them Tuesday to
talk about conf and everything they learned!! My comp and I were
talking and we honestly can´t belive that we only met them a week ago!
I feel like we´ve been close friends for forever- I love them so much
it´s ridiculous!! Also I found out from some of the Elders that came
to watch conf and the stake center in english room that S....and
M..... ( my convert and her brother from costanera) went to
conference and are going to start going to church again!!!Which is so
good because after I left the costanera no one (including ward
members) visited them and they kind of fell off of the face of the
earth- no one knew what ward they were in but finally the elders took
initive and got to them!!! YAY!!!

Also this week we had Zone Conf which was really good. The focus was
on baptizing and how we need to find the chosen ones (DandC 29:4-7)
and asking for references. It was one big cain dropping but it was
much needed. Our goal is to ask the members for references so much
that when they see us they automatically start thinking about who´s
name they can give us hahah! It´s been hard for me to remember to ask
everytime but we´ve definately improved!! Also we are trying to be
better about talking to EVERYONE and using every opportunity to teach
and share the gospel. My testimony has definatley grown this week in
that these people do exist- they have been prepared and are ready to
accept the truth-they just don´t know where to find it- all we do is
look and find them! And that leads me to my poderize scripture for the
week (I hope you all took on the challege of Elder Durant and are
going to ponderize every week!! look forward to hearing your ponderize
scriptures!! haha in spanish the word is meditizar haha!)- it´s found
in 1Nefi 22:25 it says "And he gathereth his children from the four
quarters of the earth; and he numbereth his sheep, and they know him;
and there shall be one fold and one shepherd; and he shall feed his
sheep, and in him they shall find pasture." I know that this is true,
that he is preparing the hearts of many and that when they hear our
message that they can recognize the voice of their shepherd! There are
more Suzy and Eugenias in the world prepared and waiting!!

Also Saturday was President Perez´s birthday!! So in between sessions
the office elders and the Hermana Perez threw him a party in the
office and we got invited!! It was so fun! I am so thankful for both
hermana and president perez- they are such amazing, loving, willing
servants of the Lord- I have learned so much from them in their short
time of service!

Speaking of president- I had the opportunity to have an interview
after zone conf this week and it was sooo good! I have stuff to tell
you guys but I´ll tell you in a personal email!! :) Also I got my
Eclesastical Endorsement from Prez this week!! Woot!!

OKay well conference (aka missionary christmas) was amazing to say the
least! saturday we went to the church building early to help clean and
then at 11 the women´s conf was rebroadcasted so we got to watch that
in English room!! then at 1-3 was the first session and 5-7 the second
session- all live! Sunday we ate with members before the first session
and then hung out at the church for the rest of day. It was a little
annoying sunday because it was clasico again so there was a huge game
going on really close to us so it was loud and there was cannons going
off all the time and we heard lots of chanting but oh well what are
you going to do. It was so exciting to see the new apostles! I loved
their testimonies! My favorite talks would have to be though
Uchtdorf´s from the women conf, HOLLANDS talk (!!) I don´t know why it
hit me soo strongly but I was a mess after hahah I could barely sing
the song after hahah... Russell M. Nelson´s was also incredible and
empowering, it was cool to see Elder Viñas talk because he was here
speaking to us just a few months ago- didn´t know he could speak
english so that was a fun surprise, also mom your favorite scripture i
noticed was mentioned multiple times and everytime i was like MOM! If
ye are prepare ye shall not fear!, also hales talk was good- it made
me a little stressed thinking about the future but i loved the concept
of having personal counsels, also elder Lawrence´s talk and of  course
monson´s. I just felt so happy after hearing everything, it was the
spiritual uplift I needed. I am so thankful we have prophets of God on
the Earth today to help and guide us!!!

Well this is already a novel and a half! It´s just been such a good
week! I look forward to hearing about what you learned from
conference! Thank you so much for your prayers on behalf of me and my
investigators! I love you so much!! I´m so thankful for the wonderful
parents I have and all that you have taught and given me and my
righteous and valient siblings!! Keep on keeping on! xx

Hermana Willis

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