October 12, 2015

H e l l o  family!

Sorry don´t have a ton of time this week- today was pday especial with the zone so we got done a little later, we played volleyball! But we had a really great week! I don´t know why but I´ve just been so happy lately- it´s been a good couple of weeks! 

We got to do service this week!! That was huge because no one ever lets us help with anything! But a young family in our ward needed help moving so us and a couple of other missionaries from our zone got to go help out! It was funny because hermana sobalvarro and I decided just this week to up our exercises a little bit and we accidentally did too much and were super sore and could barely walk and after moving furniture and cleaning for hours hahaha we were so dead! But the hermana made a ton of pizza for us after and we were able to push through it haha! 

There was a concert outside of our apartment this week! We live in front of a university and we noticed one day that they were building this giant stage. We went and asked around what was going on and apparently there was a open concert with groups from Santa Fe playing. Well the concert started at about 10:20 that night and lasted until about 2 in the morning. We watched a little from our balcony but it wasn´t anyone super interesting and besides that´s probably a worldly thing that missionaries shouldn´t be doing hahah! There were sooooo many people though! Anyways hermana sobalvarro but cotton in her ears to sleep but i was so tired i fell asleep just fine despite the noise. Then at like 1:30 in the morning this awful super loud music wakes me up and there´s red and white flashing lights and i´m just like oh my gosh i´m in heck itself what is going on. Turns out the next act was a screamo rock band ughhhhhhhh check them out we found out they are called sig ragga- i don´t know what there music is like but if it was anything like i heard......que miedo!! 
We also found a bird park where you can feed these huge pidgeons and they´ll come sit on you and won´t poop on you hahah! 

So besides parks and concerts- we actually worked this week and had lots of great spiritual experiences! Firstly we finally got to have a lesson with C.....!! She read and prayed about the church and told us that she knew it was true and that she had to join. WHAT!!! I felt it so strongly in our last lesson that she was going to get an answer that I wasn´t even surprised. She unfortunately has a contract with work that takes her out of town on the weekends and won´t be able to go to church until the end of November but she wants to go to institute and the family home evenings with us each week! She´s awesome! She used to be part of another religion but they said that she couldn´t have a family or go out dancing and basically be happy- she knew that wasn´t how life was supposed to be and was so happy when we told her otherwise- especially about the dancing- hahah- she was so happy to hear that I used to go out dancing too! She´s the sweetest! 

We also had another lesson with S...... and E..... this week! UGh they are just so great! E..... shared her testimony that she too had gotten an answer that the church was true and was already seeing the blessings in her life! She was praying for work and got two job opportunities that same week! They weren´t able to make it to church Sunday though.

Also this week we had the great opportunity to go to the baptism of two little children in the ward- one of them being L....- L.... has disabilities and is probably one of the my favorite people! It was a very special day and lots of nonmembers came and we got to talk to them about the ordinance and I know that many felt the spirit- I know I did. Also four of us missionaries got to go to primary this Sunday and share our testimonies about the mission ( i also got to do that in district meeting this week) it gave me time to reflect on my mission and I felt so blessed. I love teaching the primary children and sharing experiences with them!! 

Well sorry this was kind of rushed and that there are a ton of spelling and grammatical errors but whatever! I love you all so much! Thanks for the continued love and support and pictures (i love photos)! Dad stop overdosing on drugs, mom no running stories this week? hahaha kidding! You´re a champion! Matt keep up the good work!! Lauren that hat is incredible! You´re so talented! Vancer I still am dying that you went to brick oven!!!!!!!!!!!! That´s my home! Hahah! I hope you loved it!! My mouth was literally watering..! I´m so happy to hear that Grandma is doing better- I was fasting for her this Sunday! 

I hope you all have many opportunities to share the gospel this week!! Members are the best missionaries! Cuidense mucho!!! Les amo tanto!! Y que sepan que no estoy trunky ok?! jajajaj aun que piensan diferente! jajaj chiste pero por real no se preocupen!! tkm!


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