October 20, 2015

h e y  fam!

firstly mateo thanks for your killer letter- sounds like you are now a full blooded high schooler with high school shenanigans! fun! i´m super jealous slash semi-bitter (hahah but not really) about this pop up family Hawaii vacay- you are all going to have so much fun together- and i think it´s really funny that payton got adopted just in time to go hahah!

well i made it through transfers! looks like i´m going to die here in Rural and with hermana sobalvarro! this will be my fourth transfer in the area and my third with h. sobalvarro- that´s a first for me on the mish! but i´m so so so happy! i honestly couldn´t imagine leaving rural especially with everything that´s been happening! yes big big news after a transfer of basically no one progressing and no one with a baptismal date we finally have someone that is! We had an awesome lesson with E..... this week and she told us that she has been praying a lot about the church and that little by little God is showing her signs that it´s the truth! she says ever since we´ve started teaching her she´s just felt a lot closer to God and that she now has a connection with him.  she accepted a baptismal date for the 14 of November!!! ahhhhhhhhh! she couldn´t come to church this week because it was argentine mother´s day this past sunday ( by the way feliz día mamá!! la amo!). holy cow vance! eight investigators at church on sunday?! that´s like insane! oh familia b.... came to church for the first time this week since having the baby! that was a big deal and the family looks so complete now with baby!
we taught s....this week and ended up doing a meditating sesh with her some how hahah... that was interesting...  but anywho she´s having a hard time giving up smoking and says she just always has a lot on her mind -us and e..... are all trying to help her as much as we can. 

oh  this week i completed 15 months on the mish and it was probably the funnest days of my life- we did tramites and got to go to rosario for the day- i got to see the rosario mission home and when we went to do tramites hermana egbert was there doing them too!!!!!! it was sooo soo good to see her! turns out all the hermanas from my district slash group are going home earlier so it was fun to find out that she´ll be in provo really soon too as well as hermana knapp! after all that fun we had a choir practice- the missionaries are preparing a choir to sing in some cultural event in santa fe- and i got to see hermana richey and hermana hone all in the same day! it was like seriously the best cumple mes of my life!! as i´ve reflected on it i´ve realized that i´ve made some of the best friendships i´ve ever had here on the mish- it´s awesome because we all go through such hard things here and it doesn´t matter how much time has passed with out us seeing each other we are there to lift each other up, listen to each other vent, get excited about one another's success, cry, laugh, sympathize, understand, relate, and just be someone that won´t judge. we are all in this refiners fire together. i don´t think i would have made it this far without them!i´m so thankful for my hermanas and that we are going to friends long after mish life ends! vamos utah! jajaj!

thanks for your primary stories mom! haha i love them so much! after church every week all these primary kids gather around the piano wanting me to play them songs and teach them- it´s my favorite.

our ward had another baptism this week!

also i finished off my cumple mes by eating the biggest banana split of my life. i don´t think i´ve ever been so happy in my whole entire life hahah!! 

yeah it was a really really really good week! i am just enjoying everything and trying not to stress it! 
hermana yi my mish sis went home today... the leaving hermanas always stay with us the night before they go- it´s hard to not have trunky moments with them- wahhh going to miss them so much! hermana pacanchique my personal nurse and hero also went home...sad.

the weather is perfect right now- not too hot or too cold!

vance- i about died laughing when you said you had to walk half a mile hahahahahah! also that stinks that you´re in a Trio but your new comp sounds like a party hahah! 

fryer looks real good dad hahah! hope you don´t have to speak in stake conf... i´ll keep praying for grandma kathy!

well that´s basically the week!! it was a good one!! don´t forget your half argentine daughter while your off partying in hawaii hahah! couldn´t have waited two months... hahah!

love you so much!
h. willy
oh my ponderize scripture for the week-
d and c 112. 13

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