October 26,  2015

d e a r  fambam

I hope you are enjoying yourselves in Hawaii and getting great tans and eating way too much food and surfing and building sand castles and the works! It´s been rainy and cold here for whatever reason so I´ve been extra jealous of your tropical vacay. Take lots and lots of pictures and send them to me! 

This week was a chill one. We taught S....and E.... a lot this week but neither of them could go to the church on Sunday so that was kind of a let down but we´ll see them again today and see what we can do to help them keep their commitments and see where they´re at. We also were able to teach familia r.... quite a few times this week and we are actually seeing tons of progress with them! hermano r.... is inactive and served a mission and  married a non member and they now have two adorable little girls (lesson to everyone don´t marry a nonmember you too will probably go inactive...probably) anywho we´ve been teaching their cute fam bam and we´ve just all kind of become best friends- their little girl C.... is just the cutest! The mom has been really closed minded to it all but with every visit she opens up more and more- in the beginning she would hardly participate in our lessons and now she gets out her own book of mormon and reads and helps us to teach her little girls. We started out in the beginning with the wrong approach in trying to gear our teachings towards her but when we changed and started aiming our teachings at her little girl she participated alot more in the lessons and helped explain things. The best though was that since the husband b.... was a missionary he knows all of our rules and just laughs we when are faced with temptations hahah like one time c.... tried to put the baby on my lap and i wanted to hold her so bad and c..... kept insisting but i was like no i really can´t sorry hahah and then they ALWAYS turn on the movie frozen when we are there hahah and b..... is just like don´t watch it hermanas...but it´s too hard and we usually give in for a good five minutes and sing along- this week c..... put on a performance for us of let it go (libre soy in spanish) and it reminded me sooo much of Lauren then they wanted us to sing a song in english so we sang the reprise to for the first time in forever and i was like this is me and my sisters songgggg- little bit of a trunky moment hahah! They also didn´t go to church on Sunday (urgggalksjdkfjkdj....) after promising us like fifty times that they would but whatevs I´m sure they have a really good excuse and will come next week (faithhhhhhhhh)! 

We´ve continued with our choir practices and we found out last week that we are singing at an outdoor internation cultural fair at the end of november! So that should be really really fun! It´s going to be in our area ( downtown) and we are going to sing three arrangements of different hymns! woot! it should be a great finding expirence! 

OH O.... came to the church this week!!! WooHOO!! O.... is the quirky less active member that randomly came went to the church and talked with a member and said he wanted to go back to church- the member passed us his info and we´ve been visiting him ever since! He´s a little on the odd side but he´s super nice and friendly and has been putting his life in order to be a worthy priesthood holder- so woo! 

I don´t know if I´ve told you guys but I am not the only one that sleep talks in the companionship any more hahah! My comp sleep talks baddddd! hahaha! I was having problems sleeping this week, this one night in particular, and right as I was at the point of dozing off shes like hermana! and asks me like a question about missionary work and then just keeps talking and talking until she gradually wakes up and makes more and more sense and i´m just like hermana i was almost finally alseep ! but it´s not like she mumbles or says things you can´t understand- it´s very loud and audible hahah oh man it´s so funny! I´ll try to record it for you guys one of these nights...

this pday has been fun! we hung out with hermana richey and her comp and when to mcdonalds and to these weird health beds called nuga best- they´re superrrrr weird and korean but free so we went to try them out and basically there are like these little heated wheels that run up and down your spine and it hurts like heck but apparently it lowers your cholestrol and improves your posture and heals all of the medical problems you´ve ever had... i´m not converted but it was fun! i think the best part was that some how my comp offended the lady running the place like three times- first because she didn´t hold the machine right so the lady came and yelled at her and then because you were supposed to bring a sock to put over this heater thing to put on your stomach but she just used the on off her foot instead of a clean one and the lady just lost it and totally went off on her and was like how dare you use the sock off your foot on one of our machines other people have to use that too yikes! the hermanas were like that´s so weird because she´s usually super nice to every one- she just had this weird thing against hermana sobalvarro for some reason- hahah it was hilarious but i don´t think 
we´ll ever be going back... 

well that was basically our week! sorry it wasn´t all too exciting (for sure not exciting as hawaii!) Have a great week and Happy Halloween!!! We might be dressing up but we haven´t figured out as what yet... Vance that activity you were at look insane!! THOSE WERE ZORBS!!! Do you know for how long i´ve wanted to go zorbing!!!! only since forever!!! i couldn´t watch your videos on this computer but i´ll keep trying!!!

Love you all so much!!! Be safe!! 
H. Willy

My ponderize scripture of the week- Romans 8:35,37-39

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