November 2, 2015


well fam I´m glad to hear you had a fantastic Hawaii trip! it looks like you all had a lot of fun and you all look like beached bronzed gods now so congrats hahah! we had a really sunny day this week and i probably got like a hundred new freckles and this awesome burn on the back of my neck so yeah. Cute. 

We had a good week! We were trying out some new finding strategies this week, since we live in downtown and it´s hard to stop people on the street, we decided to go to the many english schools and highschools and universities  in our area and ask if we could do an English presentation or help out in the class and do service one day- and we got lots of good feedback and we got various interviews with the heads of English departments so we will be following up with that this week and see what happens there! Obviously we can´t talk about religion but just to get more people familiar with who we are and what we are like and to do some service in the community and help kids with their English! And because quite frankly I get tired of speaking spanish all the time.

My comp had the stomach flu this week so that was yucky. I got to play nurse and had to try to force her to eat the diet of rice and soda crackers and gatorade that President prescribed. If you don´t know already by now my comp is super subborn and add a nasty stomach to that no matter how much I tried she wouldn´t eat very much so when we went to one appointment that day she fell down the stairs as we were leaving and tore up her hand (luckily we didn´t have to go to a hospital) because she was so weak. Aye! She has just kind of been a mess for a couple of days now but she´s getting better and after President got after her (hahah) she is now eating again haha poor thing.

Halloween was this week. It was super boring because we were stuck inside all day with sicky and then it was fast sunday the next day so I ate nothing of candy. But the elders did find a pumpkin and carve it and bring it to choir practice so that was fun! 

Probably the best part of this week was Sunday because E.... came to churchhhhhhhhhh!!!! AHHH!!!!! She wore a skirt and everything!! And the members were so good with her and made her feel super welcome and loved and she participated in all the classes and was just really happy! Our ward mission leader thought she was another missionary on divisions with us for the day or something and said something to his wife about it and she was like no that´s their investigator! Hahah! VAMOS E.....! After church we walked her home and were able to talk to her mom and almost step dad a little and her mom asked her if she was really serious about being babtized and she said yes and my comp was like you and move your date back a little if you want and she was like no I want to get baptized on the 14!! She´s super excited for her baptism!! E..... is my miracle. She gives me hope for the world. 

OH also the R.... family came to church!!!!! We called them in the morning to wake them up because the hermano said that they were going sí o sí that day but when we called the phone was turned off and we were just like great..... but then in principios an hermana came to the door and was like i need to talk to the hermanas and so i went out and there was b..... and his two little girls!!!! I don´t know why his wife didn´t come but it was such a  big deal that he did and what a good dad bringing his little girls- it was obviously a struggle for him because one of his girls is barely one years old but he did it!!!! que. freaking. capo. 

I also registered for classes today! Ugh so weird! But I have a pretty solid schedule so I´m happy!
So yeah that was basically our week in summary! Thanks for the photos and the love!! Talk to you next pday! Love you!
H. Willis


Dear Willis Family,

Here are the Flight plans of your daughter. She will arrive the 18th of December at 10:59 Amin the Seattle Tacoma International Airport.

Your trip                              Booking ref:       4JJM6Y Check My Trip

                               Issued date:      03 November 2015         Baggage Info

Traveler               Taylor Rose Willis                            Agency CHURCH TRAVEL CWT
                                                                                                     50 East North Temple St
                                                                                                     SALT LAKE CITY UT 84150
                                                                                                     Telephone         801 240-5111
                                                                                                     Fax         801-240-5115
Thursday 17 December 2015                     
                                               Delta Air Lines DL 110
                                               Departure          17 December 09:15 PM                Buenos Aires, (Pistarini) (+)
Terminal: C
                Arrival   18 December 05:35 AM                               Atlanta, (Hartsfield-Jackson Int) (+)
Terminal: I
                Duration                             10:20 (Non stop)
                Booking status                 Confirmed
                Class                     Economy (L)
                Baggage allowance                        2PC
                Seat                      42F confirmed for Taylor Rose Willis
                Equipment                         BOEING 767-400
                Meal                     Dinner

Friday 18 December 2015           
                                               Delta Air Lines DL 2039
                                               Departure          18 December 08:24 AM                               Atlanta, (Hartsfield-Jackson Int) (+)
Terminal: S
                Arrival   18 December 10:59 AM                               Seattle, (Seattle Tacoma Intl) (+)

                Duration                             05:35 (Non stop)
                Booking status                 Confirmed
                Class                     Economy (L)
                Baggage allowance                        2PC
                Seat                      36B confirmed for Taylor Rose Willis
                Equipment                         BOEING 767-300
                Meal                     Food for purchase

                Ticket details    
                E-ticket DL 006-7717120763 for Taylor Rose Willis            

                Airline Booking Reference(s)
                DL (Delta Air Lines): GP6G57

I hope this information serves you well.

Élder Hanson
Secretario de la Misión Argentina Santa Fe

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