November 9, 2015

F A M I L Y !

Hey! How are you all doing?! I am especially anxious to hear about how Lauren is doing. I didn´t know she was having surgery. What happened? But glad to hear that she´s recuperating well. 

This week was good! We are super excited for E....! Her baptism is this week!!! We went with her to institute week and that was so fun! I forgot how much I like hanging out with people my age hahah! And just sitting in a class learning and not having to be the one teaching- it´s the best! The young single adults were soooo great with E.... too! Everyone made her feel super welcome and after they invited her to hang out and everyone told her how excited they were to go to her baptism! It was awesome! Also returned missionaries are the best- you know they just get it- you don´t have to drag them over to say hi to your investigator they just do it naturally- THANK YOU! So she has lots of support and new friends and is stoked for Saturday! She came to church this week with us too! It was conference and there was a special session in the morning for investigators and new members so that was cool for her! My comp and I are doing a special musical number for her baptism and I have to harmonize aye! .... wish us luck! Haha! Also the primary president saw how much E..... liked primary kids and she was like you might get a calling in the primary!!! YAY E.....! 

In other news this week we helped out some Elders in our zone with a pre conference missionary activity (because our ward wasn´t having one and why not). We went to their area one day and went with their ward mission leader to visit and invite people to the activity- he was a returned missionary of one month so yes it was as awkward as that sounds (it brought back so many awkward dating memories... ugh!). The whole time I was just thinking if I am like this when I get home I am not letting my self out in public... that sounds a little rough but he was like trying to contact everyone we walked by and he was like senior comp when we visited people and would give us ´the look´ when it was our time to talk during the visits we did... it was just weirdddddd and I really don´t think was actually allowed but our STL and DL were down with it so whatever. Also it was pouring rain that day and it was kind of just miserable. Well then we got invited to go to their activity and to bring ´american´food to share so we made Brownies and banana bread (we don´t have much to work with okay) and we get there and they are like oh hermanas you guys are going to do a presentation about the missions in the states (because the activity was everyone was sharing about their missions in different countries and what it was like) and we were like uhhhhhhh what do we know about serving a mission in the states?? We were like ummm well they have a lot more technology for one and members and my comp was like yeah if a missionary in the states were to come here they wouldn´t last one day hahahah we bag on us missionaries all the time (sorry vance) we managed to end it on somewhat of an uplifting spiritual note though hahah! After everyone loved the pan de banana even though at first they were super hesitant about trying it haha! There activity turned out good in the end and we were happy we were able to help! 

Oh sad thing happened after last pday Monday. We got a call that one of our less actives A....., the mother of various members in the ward passed away suddenly the night before and that we were invited to her viewing. I took it pretty hard because we visited her a lot and it just brought up the same sad feelings that I had when Grandpa passed but we went to the viewing that night (because they don´t embalm people here) and it was so peaceful and she looked so pretty and I just felt calm and happy leaving. It was so nice.

Also I have pink eye!! YAY!! Hahah! Hay que pasar por todo! 

I am still having a mini freak out that David Archuleta went to Vance´s mission... I just don´t see how that is fair. At. All. 

Happy Birthday Lauren!! I made you a sign but I forgot to take a picture with it!! Next week!!! I can´t believe your 12!!! AHHH!!! Happy Birthday GIRL!!!!!

Mom I can´t wait to meet all your primary girls!!! Tell them hi for me and that I´m super excited to meet them!! 

Well that´s about it for the week!! Is it so crazy that I already have my flight plans?? I love you all so much! Take care! Talk to you next week!!! 


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