November 16


Well this week was really good-a  bit little stressful- but good!
Firstly- E..... GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
She had her interview on Thursday and we spent the week basically
preparing well her for her big day! We had lots and lots of help from
the ward members and other missionaries and the young single adults so
everything came together and really well! We had a good turn out and
both of E.....´s parents who aren´t members came to support her! She
was so so so excited!! Hermano Levrino (ex mission president and the
stake institute teacher) baptized her. After her baptism we were in the
bathroom talking to her and waiting for her to change when Hermana
Sobalvarro started to get emotional (that doesn´t happen okay) and it
was so cute! She was just like WHAT! It´s my first baptism OKAY! Haha-
awwwww! But then after it was all finally over she was like I never
want to do that again- too much stress! Hahah! But it was the best!
Our musical number turned out well and E.... was sooo happy and it
was just a good day! Oh except that some elders in our zone brought
S..... and M....- it was cool to see S..... (our baptismo from
costanera) but turns out M..... is like obsessed with me and wouldn´t
leave me alone the whole night and saying creepy things to me and
touching me soooooo yeah the elders tried their best to keep him away.
Anyway afterwards they apologized for bringing him and they told me
that they had stopped visiting him and that he wouldn´t bother me any
more. Aye! But E..... was just beaming and when we asked her how she
felt she said happy and clean! I didn´t really sleep that night
because of the M..... thing but it was the best day!

Earlier in the week we had tramites for Hermana Sobalvarro and so we
got to go to Rosario!!! After we got done waiting in migrations for
hours we went to Milton´s like my favorite place in Rosario for
burgers and we accidentally drove by the Newell´s stadium and I got to
say goodbye to Echesortu a little bit. Good day!

Well Wednesday night I get woken up by a message and it´s from Hermano
Martinez one of bishop´s councilors saying I´m speaking that Sunday
for 15 minutes on la redencion ( the redemption). So that added to my
week of stress just a little (and when I say a little I mean a lot...
I hate speaking!). I was reading up and studying everything possible
on the redemption over the next 3 days but for some reason nothing was
sticking and I wasn´t understanding anything. It was weird. I would
get so frustrated and pray to receive inspiracion about what I was
supposed to say but I got nothing. I probably tried to start writing
it like five times and couldn´t get passed the first sentence. I had
this feeling once or twice to check the message that Hermano Martinez
sent me and I think one of the times I actually did it but I skimmed
it and focused on how stressed I felt  that I had to speak for 15
minutes. Finally on Saturday I get the feeling to read the message and
this time really read it and to my surprise I had read it wrong- it
said retencion ( retainment) not redencion!! I had an ah-ha moment and
when I started to study for it and ponder about what I was going to
say the ideas just came flowing!! I was sooo thankful for the guidance
of the holy ghost and felt in that moment how important that for
whatever reason it was for me to speak on the topic and felt a
confirmation that it was an inspired assignment. So we get to church
that day and we are in Relief Society (we have sacrament meeting last)
when the ward secretary pulls us out of class and asks me to speak- he
said that one of the speakers dropped out last minute and felt
inspired to ask me to share some thoughts. I was like ummmm already
received the assignment to speak this week and I have a 15 minute talk
prepared. He was shocked and was like woah! we must have over booked
it- I didn´t even know they had asked you. I felt the spirit again
super strongly that I was supposed to talk for what ever reason (that
helped me to feel more confident in what I had prepared). Well
E..... got the Holy Ghost at the beginning of the meeting-woot! And
then I was the second speaker- my talk went well ( I spoke about the
importance of retaining new members and as members how it was our
responsibility to do so, I focused on how difficult it was to be a new
member and compared that struggle with the struggle I had adapting to
Argentina haha) and I felt silly for stressing about it so much but I
still stressed after because I always wonder if any one got anything
out of it or if I was understandable with my American accent Spanish.
But after I was talking to E..... and she was like- I don´t know why
but I was crying so much during your talk, it was really good! I just
laughed- E..... was feeling the gift of the Holy Ghost!!! It´s crazy
how sensitive that people are to the spirit when they first get it-
how cool!! Awwww I was so happy for E.....! She is already so excited
to get a calling and some hermanas talked to me about getting her
visiting teachers and there is a temple trip coming up and she loves
the institute class! She is well on her way! Now we just have to get
her parents right there along side her! That´s our next goal!! We were
teaching S.....first but she hasn´t been able to give up cigarettes and
she and G..... aren´t married- it may be a little slower with them but
E..... has set the example!!

Lauren! Cheer camp looked like so much fun!! I can´t wait to see the
cheers and dances you learned!! You are so grown up ughhhhhh what
happened wahhhhh! I love you Lauren girl! Can´t wait for my first
girl´s day back!!!

Matt! Good luck with basketball! Varsity is going to suck anyways so
kill it on JV. When Stephanie and I did cheer that year together she
got put on JV and I on Varsity and it was sooo stupid because she was
really really good. Well she worked harder than anyone else and coach
had to move her up to Varsity. By the end of the year she was the
captain of the team!! Sí se puede Mateo!!!! Don´t let it get to you!
Give your best effort and you will get put where you belong! Love ya!

Dad! Well I thought my talk stress was over but apparently it´s just
beginning hahah! Yes having a topic would be great!! Maybe that´s
trunky for me to start studying up for my homecoming talk but I don´t
want that stress on top of the going home stress! Hahah! And that´s
really cool that one of the less active ladies you visit has gotten to
the point where she gave a talk in church! That´s awesome! Love you so
much dad!!

Mom! Glad you got to get into choir again! I love you! And thanks for
sharing that cool analogy you heard in church! Also all my friends are
telling me that you put photos of me and cassidy from 2008 on
facebook!!! EMBARASSING hahah!

ELDER WILLIS! Sorry you had a tough week! I´ve been there...maybe a
little more then you hahah.... but I´m sorry! Don´t let it get you
down! We all have tough weeks- they come and they go! Rely on the Lord
and remember it´s his work not ours and that people have their own
agency as annoying as that is sometimes hahah! There is a time and
place for everything and everyone! Be patient and keep on keeping on!
You´re doing a great work up there!! Love you!!

Hermana Willis 2015

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