November 23, 2015

H e y  family!

Well compared to the excitement of last week this week was a slower one. 
It was the final round of the presidential elections here- so everything was a little politically heated and we had to stay in all day after church on Sunday- so we studied and watched Legacy and Testaments in like five languages and I made banana bread again ( I´m on a banana bread kick okay... it´s like the only American thing I´m capable of making). But before we got closed in the pench we were asked by the bishop to pass by this lady that was in a hospital nearby- she isn´t a member and she´s not from Santa Fe but her daughter that is a member in another city called the bishop to check up on her mom while she was undergoing treatment for some kind of fatal leg infection. So we went and visited her and her daughter that is from Santa Fe and we sang hymns to her and shared with her some uplifting scriptures and it was really nice-she felt really lonely and like God had deserted her and after we left she was smiling and asking us to come back again. While we were there I had this feeling to get this flower out of my back that I had got from someone at church- I got it and it was just like this smushed mess and I was super embarrassed but she saw it before I could hide it in my bag again and she asked if she could see it and totally lit up and started telling me about how she loves to garden. She reminded me a lot of Grandma Kathy actually and I was like I hope there are people doing this for my grandma as she is going through her recovery- I love you grandma and pray for you daily!! 1Nephi 21:14-16! 

Also Hermano Rivas came to church again this week with Camila!!! That was super exciting! He´s doing so well and went a whole day without smoking!!! WOOT! He texted us after church and invited us to do a FHE with their family today and he´s going to teach we just have to provide the game!!! Also Camila is going to be in the primary program so her mom is going to come to church that day sí o sí! 

Eugenia is doing well! She went to institute this week on her own this time but slept in and missed church on Sunday... that was a little crushing but we´ll work on that. 

We had a special satellite transmission for the area for all the ward counsel members and we got to go. It was really good and there was a lot of focus on keeping the sabbath day holy and Elder Cook presided and talked a lot about Elder Nelson´s talk from conference this past October and the importance of the hermanas in ward counsel. It was funny though because basically everyone that spoke, spoke in English with a Spanish translator.

Also we were supposed to have divisions this week and we made the split and everything but then the hermana i was with got really really sick in like the 20 minutes we were together and had to go get checked out at the hospital so yeah divisions didn´t happen. 

Well have so much fun in Spokane this week! Enjoy your thanksgiving and eat a ton!! We might be doing a lunch with the other missionaries in our ward for thanksgiving- a member offered to make us a traditional thanksgiving dinner so we´ll see if that happens! Also we have our choir performance this week for the cultural event so be awaiting photos from that!! 

Sorry this was kind of boring... HAPPY THANKSGIVING! 
Love you!!!
H. Willis

ps- the guy that won the presidential election is supposedly bffs with Donald Trump so we´ll see how Argentine relations change with the US now 

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