December 1, 2015


Yeah, this week was an interesting one. 
I was sick for the first half of the week- just a nasty cold that turned into a fever- it just was lame because it was the same night that 4 hermanas from different areas had to stay with us for tramites- so as I was like dying and hermanas kept coming in and trying to diagnose me and telling me how awful I looked. Hahah

It was thanksgiving this week and our plans kind of completely fell through for our thanksgiving feast but that´s okay. I was still sicky but we ended up being able to do a couple little service projects throughout the day so it wasn´t really that bad- like cleaning the floor of a member in a wheel chair and bringing a happy boquet of flowers to lighten up Angela´s (our adopted grandma) gloomy hospital room. We tried to order in ice cream that night to just do something a little special but it rained so they said they couldn´t deliver....ugh. Also we were going to have our big choir performance that day (the one we´ve been practicing for like a month now) and then they canceled it because of rain- it was sooo sad! Everyone was bummed and it didn´t even end up raining until late that night. (if this letter is sounding depressing now just wait....) We are actually doing the presentation today but we lost like half the choir to transfers and our director- so....

Oh we did have a fun lunch this week with Eugenia and Guido and Suzy and some of the elders from our ward! Suzy made empanadas and everything was great...well until we got the call from the zone leaders later that day about transfers. I wasn´t stressing it- I knew I wasn´t going anywhere and Sobalvarro knows the area and so I knew she wasn´t going because she has to keep the work going there after I leave in a couple weeks. Well. I was wrong... :( Hermana Sobalvarro went to Feliciano (it´s literally the farthest away you can get from santa fe) and I´m staying here- WHAT?? Wahhhhhh it was so rough! We cried I think for three days straight. :( I mean I´ve had a hard time leaving companions before and like accepting the will of the Lord in reguards to transfers but this was just.... ugh. It was really really really hard. It´s never been that bad. Luckily that night a couple of hermanas (including hermana hone!!) had to stay with us and they lightened the mood and we ate lots of pizza and stayed up late talking and it helped (a little). So we spent the next couple of days saying bye to everyone and church that sunday was super sad. I had to teach principios so that was stressful as always but we had an attendence in sacrament meeting of 112!!! New record! And hermano rivas and camila came again!!!! They´re doing soooo good and Camila basically already has her part memorized for the primary program and we are helping her to learn the songs that they are singing and Bernardo has just loved it! 

Well Monday morning I got dropped off at the capilla- because I had to go to a self reliance class that all leaving missionaries have to go through (because I´m leaving in the middle of the transfer....yeah talk about the trunkiest class ever) and Sobalvarro went to the terminal to take her bus. Hermana Richey was there so that was the best (her parents came to pick her up today) and she got to stay the night with us and we stayed up really late just talking about everything and it was much needed. BUT yeah my new companion is great! Her name is Hermana Gonzales and she is from......PERU! All of my latinas are from Peru what the heck. She´s realtively newer- she came with Sobalvarro´s group! She´s absolutetly the sweetest! So yeah she´ll be my companion for the next three weeks hahah! 

It was so fun to see all the photos of the family at Thanksgiving!! That pic of you guys mom and dad- preciosa! Hahah!
H. Willis

p.s. Vancer- is your hijo´s name pronounced pinkeye??

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