December 7, 2015



It´s officially my last full week on the mish!! That is crazy!
Well it was a good week- a relaxed one. My comp has her bad knee so we have to avoid walking as much as possible which is a little hard when you are a missionary in a walking mission. But we´ve gotten creative and been taking lots of collectivos and we take lots of breaks. We are in Paraná today to get tests done on her knee so we will know next friday what´s going on! 

Last Tuesday we had our choir presentation!!! It was at this little fair in the peatonal (like a outside shopping area)- we passed out the new Christmas cards (ha nacido un salvador) and talked to people (the church had a booth and everything) and then later we got up and sang- it was super windy and we didn´t have a director (he went home the day before wahhh) but it turned out well- it was a fun expirence and I got to see Hermana Hone- I also got to meet Hermana Richey´s parents!!! That was really cool! It was so weird seeing them in Argentina though... talk about two worlds colliding! It was fun because her Dad speaks Spanish so he could communicate with everyone and all the missionaries were so excited to meet them hahah! The next day they were sweet enough to treat my companion and I to lunch!! It was so fun to get to know them and see hermana richey with her family! It felt like being at home for a minute- it was so great because i was still sad about hermana sobalvarro leaving and because I feel like everything is coming to a close and stuff- it made my week and made things feel better. It was sad to leave Hermana Richey- i might have cried a little when I said goodbye to her and her parents but I´m excited that I´ll be able to visit them because they live so close to us! 
Well my comp is absolutely the sweetest! Even though she´s constantly in pain she always has a positive attitude and is happy and up for everything! AND she´s a master chef!!! She´s been making my peruvian food and it´s been the best!!!! I´m making you all arroz chaufa like first thing when I get home- it is divine!!! I don´t know how she does it but everything that touches her hands turns out delicious! It´s been an easy transfer with the people we´re teaching- they all love her instantly because she´s just so dang sweet and adorable. 

Sunday was a good day- Hermano Rivas went to church again with Camila and he is officially reactivated!! We´ve been helped Camila learn the songs for the primary program and she already has her speaking parks memorized-woot! We had lunch with Eugenia and her family!! We are so close with them so it´s frustrating that they aren´t coming to church- Eugenia did go to church and is doing super super well! They made really good hamburgers oh and I finally got my signed colon jersey!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I cried a little bit. hahahah! it´s so beautiful- i can´t wait to frame it and put it on my wall at home hahaha! We also got permission that night to go to the Christmas Devotional- and it was beautiful. Eugenia came and it was just a happy moment for me and some reflection time. 
Well that´s all I have time for this week!!! Sorry I feel like there was a ton I didn´t get in!! I love you all so much!

Hermana Willis

watch the new christmas videos!!

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