U H  hi!

My name is Taylor. I started reading and following blogs when I was in seventh grade. By eighth grade I had gone through almost three blogs when I started this one. At the time I didn't think I had the gumption to continue with the blog but here we are today-like a zillion years later- still going strong!

I am a sophomore at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah aspiring to study graphic design, an ambition that actually came out of blogging. But I am putting my education and future plans on hold for just a moment because I am currently serving as full-time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I  have received my call and will be serving in the Rosario Argentina Mission for 18 months. I report to the Missionary Training Center on July 16th. As I am away, my family will keep my blog updated on what I am up to down in the America del Sur. Ole! 

My family lives in this remote part of Washington called Sequim. It's north-west of Seattle on the Olympic Peninsula. It is essentially a retirement community with the majority of the population sitting over the age of 65. Nicknamed by the locals: "heaven's waiting room". To get to a shopping center one must travel over an hour away- that remote. It sits on a bay across from Victoria and on the other side are the Olympic Mountains.  I think it is the most beautiful place on earth. It's sort of just out of the way- it was a good place for me to develop as a young person and grow into my own. My family owns and operates a 50's diner (as my grandparents did before us). Hiway 101 Diner. I've worked there longer than I lived in Sequim. The people that work there have since forever and have watched me grow from a baby into whatever I am now. Oh and I was once the Irrigation Queen of Sequim- not everyone holds such a title.

We didn't always live in Sequim, but my early life is kind of a blur and I am not going to write an autobiography until I have actually accomplished something- sorry you'll have to wait. Short version: I was born in Sacramento, grew up in southern Missouri (so I have all those good quirks) and briefly spend some time in Mesa, Arizona.

Unimportant things you don't really want to know: 
- me + science fiction forever
-Ernest Hemingway's prose (can I just be him now??)
-my favorite book/ song changes on the daily so why even ask
-if graphic design doesn't pan for me out I'd like to get into museum curating (anybody know a guy?)  

-I love going to the temple
-I really like fan art (burdge anyone? nan lawson? just tumblr)
-if you have good taste, I will probably like you (especially in music and modern art)
-I like people that are distinct and self actualized but don't push their personalities on to others
-I'm a film critic
-I have never been out of the country (yet) but I've lived almost right next to both borders
-sometimes it takes me a really long time to get ready
-my fave froyo flavor is cake batter with heaps and heaps of sprinkles
-I need glasses to drive, see at night, and things that are far away- does that stop me from not wearing them?
-I cry and laugh like a crazy in good films or books
-Chemistry is not my strong suite and is a large contributing factor to why I am not a doctor
-New York City will always be a fascination of mine
-my next travel destination goal is Paris, France. maybe it's cliche,  but maybe I don't care. It's magic.
-my favorite pianist is Yiruma
-in high school I was friends with more foreign exchange students than students than students I actually went to school with 
-I have a weakness for scary movies, hip-hop music, and Diet- Dr. Pepper with coconut flavoring
-shopping in SoHo is my favorite
-I read Vogue
-every Seattle trip I try to bring home my mom flowers from Pike's
-the material item I want most in this life is a good camera with killer lenses
-sometimes I'm a huge mess, other times I can't stand having a thing out of place
-I want to live in a dinky flat in Paris eventually for a small allotment of time 
-I like my finger nails to be painted black
-I have to read my scriptures before I go to bed or I can't fall asleep
-I love my ward
-60's french music and movie scores
-someday I want a space with lots of big windows, white walls, and painted white rustic wood floors
- sautéed mixed vegetables dipped in BBQ sauce
-I come up with like 20 new projects a day but forget half of them before bedtime
-I love going to Seattle with my cousin Meehanda- we fit there together and gelato
-high-waisted pants
-I am terrified of any small bugs
-I once lived with a (literally crazy) Jamaican girl that tried to burn our apartment down
-I'm an Anti-Fishatarian (shell fish included)
-my favorite seasons are Summer and Fall
-my favorite holiday is Christmas
-whenever my dad and I hang out we always do weird but practical stuff like go to court to try to waive his speeding tickets or pull up old flooring ( I always end up enjoying it though)
- I hate school buses
-the closest thing I've owned to a motorcycle is a moped and I sold it last winter
-I adore Hayao Miyazaki (my faves are Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away, Whisper of the Heart, and From Up on Poppy Hill)
-my favorite building to study in at BYU is the lobby of the HFAC (the big leather benches pleezuh)
-my favorite bathroom is in the Provo library on the third floor
-watching movies with my sibs is the greatest (they listen to my comments and contribute to my theories)
-we also watch the best television shows (AT, Regular, etc. the rest is history)
-I love dessert and could eat it for every meal (though I try not to)
-I wish french macaroons were cheaper and more accessible
-I like to make my own oatmeal- the only thing I add to it is a tablespoon of brown sugar
-when I go out to eat my order is usually very very specific (yeah I'm one of those people)
-like my mom says, I have a problem finishing things but no problem starting them
-I get excited right before a big storm rolls in or if we're about to have bad weather (I think it's a Missouri thing)
-I'm really bad at getting back to people when they try to contact me and sometimes I forget I own a cell phone
-then again it's usually broken
-I've killed 4 of my mobile devices by dropping them (one I dropped and destroyed twice)
-I had a car named Borris but now my little brother owns him
-I no longer have Wisdom Teeth
-I have only ever had maroon vehicles
-someday I might move to LA just for the art/ design community
-my talents are limited to be sure but my sixth sense is finding movies online
-my favorite restaurant in Seattle is The Pink Door (but you have to sit on the deck obvs)
-my second favorite town in the world is Marianna, FL
-Johnny Flynn's voice is my husband
-I'm usually terrible at traditional social settings
-I've never been snow skiing or boarding and I lived in Utah (how is that fair)
-sometimes I don't want to talk and sometimes you can't make me stop
-my family is my favorite and I'm sorry they're not yours
-I will add on to this later because it doesn't seem very complete. 



Anonymous said...

you need to get some work done on this blog...looks good so far but still needs some work
from you know who

Ellie Pager said...

I think you should come hang out with me and eat lots of good food and watch movies and hang out on allo beach here in Seattle for a weekend :) I'm that girl you met at volum did you get your video?