H E R E  is some of the pieces I did in 2D and drawing courses at BYU. I hope to one day use some of these to build a decent portfolio to submit for the Graphic Design program. These photos are sort of horrendous and were taken forever ago but they give you the general gist. I am planning to do this better in the future and get more on here. So apologies. In the meantime. 

George Washington// part of a set of three- geometric, abstract take on Mount Rushmore- using micron pens

Unconventional// completely painted out of makeup using only makeup brushes and tools

Presented in Student Art Show at BYU// self reflections- contour, color theory, geometrics

My hair taken from a recent photo, made out of printed galaxy paper cut into the tendrils

February 30// snippet, close up on floral value

February 7// close up on self port

February 3// first value drawing, Plato sculpture

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